Val Hunter

ABOUT VAL HUNTER, Contributing Editor

Cooperating while we share in the activities of life has been basic to human interaction since the beginning of time. The proximity that occurs when we work together is a core component of human attachment.

Today, as we juggle responsibilities at work and home, we may discourage our children from helping out in daily activities so we can save time. But when we include even the youngest family member in activities that will start to grow their ‘cooperative brain’, the outcome is well worth the time investment.

Cooperative work skills are actually life skills that enhance children’s self-esteem, build purpose, and develop competence.

Children who are invited to share in even the most basic family chores are likely to discover that they and their contributions are valuable within the family, and later, they may be inclined to seek a way to contribute within the community, and the wider world.


1979 to 1986
Developed Communication Theory curriculum for the Institute of Canadian Bankers’ Professional Development Program, for British Columbia,      Alberta, and Saskatchewan

1980 to 2001
Designed programs in Leadership, Communications, Management, Supervision, and Organizational Development for Vancouver                           Community College

1988 to 1989
Developed training materials for a pilot project in drug/alcohol programming for families of alcoholics, and produced special programs for adult children of alcoholics

1989 to 2004
Developed career exploration and work strategies curricula targeting youth for numerous federal and provincial government programs

1989 to 2004
Established Life Skills and Career Development curricula for Job Entry Initiatives and Project Based Training

Designed training program for Malaspina College for alcohol and drug program counsellors addressing clients’ workplace issues

Created trades re-training curricula for immigrants

1993 to 1994
Produced comprehensive trades training and career development curricula for Women in Trades programs

Established certification training for ECCE instructors


1979 to present
Various Organizations and Agencies
Consulting on Workplace Issues and Communication Strategies

1979 to present
Various Secondary Schools and Alternative Learning Programs
Providing Job Readiness information to students

1979 to 1983
Alberta Public Service, Edmonton and Calgary
Consulting with Department of Human Resources and Facilitating Management and Supervision courses and workshops

1979 to 1986
University of British Columbia, Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration
Instructing Interpersonal Communication and Business Relations

1980 to 1989
Home Support Agencies throughout British Columbia
Facilitating Communication and Career Development workshops

1980 to 2002
Vancouver Community College, Business and Professional Programs
Facilitating Management and Supervision workshops and
Consulting in Organization Development

1980 to 2003
Simon Fraser University
Instructing Management 110, Interpersonal Communication

1988 to 1989
Vancouver Community College, Langara Campus
Instructing Business Communication (Writing)

1988 to 1990
Burnaby School Board
Facilitating specialized workshops for Drug and Alcohol Counsellors

1988 to 1992 Capilano College, Career Vocational and Adult Special Education
Instructing Communication Skills and Job Readiness

1988 to present
Maples Adolescent Treatment Centre
Providing vocational consulting to program staff and adolescents