Modelling self-awareness for our kids

If we parents and teachers are mindful, we will take care to fit what we say into a pedagogical moment so there is a connection between new information and what is already in place.

When we share our experience of the world with children and have them share theirs, the structure we construct supports their narrative.

It is important that our information provides a narrative and follow-through, that it fits with something the child already knows, and provides relevance to the child. In this way we help kids build self-awareness and learn to recognize the relationships they have with others. As children build awareness they honour their curiosity.

Our kids may have the freedom to be curious but in order for their budding awareness to become their reality, that awareness must be used. 

Through their social interactions they become aware of the otherness of others, and come away with the understanding that others have different experiences. As they become more able to access their curiosity, and follow the interactive nature of relationship, the steps they take lead them towards  empathy.

This process, for children, is the beginning of mindfulness.