Being curious and mindful

One of the tenets of Interactive Mindfulness is curiosity.

Being curious, though, is a risk to the stability of our automaticity. There is always a threat when we learn something new.

Perhaps the other person has agenda that we don’t feel is in our best interest, and we feel that we are going to be shamed or blamed. We require within us that safe, secure base that attachment talks about, to be willing to explore relationship, or to have a new experience that we view as an adventure, not a threat.

We construct a sense of self, this narrative of self, this automatic self – and everything about the construct is a double bind. If we want to learn something new we have to put our narrative at risk because we are going to have to add something new to it.

After we spend a lifetime trying to get our narrative set down in a way that reduces our anxiety and makes us feel capable of taking a risk, we mess with it!

We have discovered some safe ways to mess with it. We know that examining ourselves through meditation allows us to be with ourselves in a way that we are safe with ourselves. We are not provoked by anxiety and we try and let our thoughts settle. We try not to ruminate. We just be in the moment.

The mindfulness concept is becoming more and more critical for health and understanding.

Our mindfulness allows us to see the rocks in the way.