Resistance to new ideas (automaticity)

We are not aware of how automated our thinking and doing systems can be.

Our narrative is in place to protect our sense of self – having a sense of right and wrong, an ethical position, and ideas – the whole construct that makes up our personality.

Our sense of self comes under attack when we question bits of it, or question our decision making, or question our process.

Without a stable sense of self, a number of disorders may arise.

For instance, it is easy to see anxiety in the context of not having a  stable sense of self. Some people fear specific events in the future, and may be afraid something bad will happen to them. They see events about to tumble out of control. Any of us might think or say, “I am an anxious person.” That self-talk becomes the narrative in our head that we play back and forth, which eventually becomes part of ourselves.

Sometimes our automatic thinking causes us to attack the relationship we have with another. We might question, “Am I good enough?” when the other person makes a minor comment. We might ruminate, and turn their comment into something more than it is, and threaten our stability of self.